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A WADI IS A RAVINE or gully in the Middle East or northern Africa that is dry for most of the year.
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Johann Heinrich von Thünen

JOHANN HEINRICH von Thünen was an important theorist in the science of land use. His work brought together the fields of economics and geography to provide an illustration of the balance between land cost and transportation costs.
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Volga River

THE VOLGA RIVER is considered to be the mother of Russian rivers. Europe’s longest, it drains an area of 550,288 square mi (1,410,994 square km), roughly 40 percent of European Russia.
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Virtual geography

THE INTERNET TOGETHER with a new generation of related computer software and hardware is producing a revolution in how we conceptualize and interact with geographic places and spaces.
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NAMED FOR QUEEN Elizabeth I of England who was known as the Virgin Queen, the Commonwealth of Virginia is officially known as The Old Dominion State.
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Virgin Islands (U.S.)

A TERRITORY OF THE United States, roughly 65 km (40 mi) east of Puerto Rico, these islands were named by Christopher Columbus in honor of the 11,000 martyred companions of Saint Ursula, Las Once Mil Vírgenes.
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Virgin Islands (British)

AN OVERSEAS TERRITORY of the United Kingdom, and poorer cousins to the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands have looked to their larger and more populous neighbors to the west for much of their economic and cultural influences: most tourists to the islands are from the mainland United States, and the islands have used U.S. currency since 1959.
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Vinson Massif

VINSON MASSIF IS THE highest peak (16,077 ft or 4,901 m) on the Antarctica continent. It forms the southern outlier of the Sentinel Range, the northern range of the Ellsworth Mountains.
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THE SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of Vietnam was formed into a single country in 1976 when the North and South Vietnam states were united after the withdrawal of American military, which had been engaged in an anticommunist war since the early 1960s.
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Lake Victoria

WITH AN AREA of 26,830 square mi (69,490 square km), Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and, after Lake Superior in North America, the second largest lake in the world.