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Published: 19-01-2011, 11:49

Desert in Russia

South of the semidesert is the true desert, where vegetation is scant and species limited. As the climate becomes hotter and drier in summer, year-round grasses disappear. Widely spaced, drought-resistant bushes become dominant. The desert vegetal region gives parts of south-central Russia a characteristic landscape. Winters are cold. Very strong winds mark periods of seasonal change. Dust storms are common. Where there is soil, desert shrubs that are physiologically equipped to withstand drought through special roots, stems, and leaves grow far apart. Other desert plants depend entirely upon small, erratic amounts of rainfall. They germinate after one rainstorm, produce a beautiful carpet of flowers, and after a short life duration, they die. Desert vegetation has little value for grazing animals.

9 ноября 2011 18:14

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deserts are yummy things that you eat after dinner.
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