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Arizona: human geography

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Black Sea

The Black Sea is a body of salt water that stretches 630 mi (1,014 km) from east to west. Turkey faces its southern shore, Bulgaria and Romania lie west of the Black Sea, and Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia border it to the north, northeast, and east, respectively.
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California Coastal Landforms

California Coastal LandformsThe California coast is about 2,900 km long, which includes the San Francisco Bay and the offshore islands. Some 70% of the coastline is rocky or has cliffs, although pocket and fringing beaches are found commonly below the cliffs.

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Oregon Coastal Landforms

The Pacific coast of Oregon extends for nearly 700 km from the Washington border on the Columbia River in the north, to the border with California in the south.

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Washington Coastal Landforms

The coastline of the state of Washington is 4,296 km long and consists of three segments: the eastern coast and islands from the Canadian border in the north down to the straits and islands of Puget Sound in the south, the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula along the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the outer, western, coast facing the Pacific Ocean.

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Alaska Coastal Landforms

Alaska, which spans 20° of latitude and 50° of longitude, has a coastline about 10,686 km in length. 

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USA Coastal Landforms

The major geomorphological divisions of the United States, the Rocky Mountain ranges, the Great Plains and the Appalachian ranges, do not have a major influence on coastal features.

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Minerals of Norway

Nonmetallic minerals of importance in Norway include industrial minerals, dimension stones, and construction minerals.
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Water in Norway

It is difficult to think of Norway without picturing in one’s mind the deep, dark blue waters of the country’s west coast fjords and the spectacular interlaced waterfalls cascading down the steep adjacent valley walls.
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Fauna in Norway

With the end of the Ice Age and the opening of newly exposed lands, fauna (animal life) began moving into the Scandinavian peninsula.
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