Top 10 must visit places in Leh

  1. Shanti Stupa

Situated at a height of 11,841 ft, Nearby Leh palace. Santi Stupa was built by Japanese Buddhist Gyomyo Nakamura, enshrined by the 14th Dalai Lama. It provides best panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

  1. Leh Palace

Leh palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. This place was abandoned when the Dogra forces took control of Ladakh in the mid-19th century and after that royal family forced to move to Stock Palace. This palace is restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. It also has a museum with the collection of painting, Jewellery, ornaments etc.

  1. Hemis Monastery

Located in the lap of nature, Hemis monastery is located 45 Km from Leh. It has the spectacular view. It is said to be oldest monastery in India, built in 10th century. It has library & museum. There is also video documentary which gives the idea about various Buddhist kingdom and history of Monastery.

  1. Thikshey Monastery

It is in small village Thikshey approx. 20 Km away from Leh, located on a top of the hill. I have visited this monastery when there was an opening of the new prayer hall. It has a beautiful exterior with Yellow & dark red color. It has prayer hall for Lama. Where you can sit and have a feel of prayer.

  1. Magnetic Hill

It is one of the most visited attraction by visitors. Every visitor who knows about Magnetic Hill stops their vehicle near sign marked and their vehicle actually move without starting an engine. It is said that it happens because of optical illusion but it’s fun to experience it.

  1. Shey Monastery

Located on Manali-Leh Highway 15 Km before Leh. It has Shey Palace. One of the finest Palace of Wooden. View from Shey is magnificent as you can see Thikse, Stakna, Stock and Leh. Almost all wall of Shey monastery is painted with various image of Buddha.

  1. Stakna Monastery

Located on the left bank of Indus River. Stakna means ‘Tiger’s nose’. It is a two-story monastery. View of the mountain range from Stakna Monastery is a memorable experience.

  1. Hall of Fame Museum

It is located near Leh. It was built in the memory of brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting for India. It has detailed history of war. There are various documentaries screening to educate people about Indo-Pak war. There is a memorial nearby museum. Also, there is a dedicated section for Siachen glacier.

  1. Gurdwara Pathar Sahib

On the way from Leh to Nimu, you will find Gurdwara Pathar Sahib. There is an interesting story behind this. One morning when the Guru Nanak was sitting in meditation, One demon pushed a large pathar (boulder), down from the hilltop, with the intention of killing the Guru. The boulder gained speed as it rumbled down the hillside, but when it touched the Guru’s body, it softened like warm wax and came to a halt against Guru Nanak’s back. You can see a shape of Guru Nanak on Rock (Pathar).

  1. Leh market

Since you have visited lots of Monastery, Museum, Forts and Historical places. It is strongly recommended to visit Leh Market. Where you can buy souvenirs, Ornaments, Jewelry, Prayer Wheels and Most Popular Prayer Flags for your car and Bikes. There are lots of cuisine option available near Leh market ranging from Indian, Italian, Israeli, Russian and the like.


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