Smart TV Box is one of the most important inventions of this era. This gadget is changing the entertainment industry. It delivers a world of music and movies at your hands. This means you can access any content you want watch. In fact, they have opened a wide range of possibilities. You are free to read the news, send emails, surf the internet, browse social media channels, and more. When searching for the best smart tv box, you need to consider some important things. This will ensure you know what to look for in a smart TV box.

The Processor

The processing power and RAM are important features. Everyone wants a smooth-going TV. You do not want to hassle because your TV lags. Make sure you get a smart TV box with at least 1.6 GHz CPU. A CPU with a higher rating is better. If you want to run 4K content, you should get a TV box with a gaming processor.

Storage Options

You should note that the storage of the smart TV box operates the running system. The memory storage and operating system ought to go together. For instance, if the internal storage is 4GB, the operating system will take a large portion of it. It is advisable to buy a smart TV Box of internal storage 32 GB.

USB Ports

Ensure you get a smart TV box with a minimum of 2 USB ports. These ports can be used for peripherals and Bluetooth receiver. Also, it should support USB 3.0. This is because this technology has higher transmission speeds than their USB 2.0. counterparts. If you like using external hard drives, then USB 3.0 is a must. However, if you will be using it for ordinary peripherals, then you should get USB 2.0.

Video and Display

There are different features that have an impact on the display and video options. These include:

  • HDMI for 4K streaming
  • 265 hardware decoding. Ensure you get high-efficiency video encoding as it helps compress videos for easy transmission.
  • Dynamic Refresh Rate. This feature automatically adjusts refresh rate between the TV and source.

The TV box you purchase should support HD content and 4K videos. That is necessary if you like streaming movies.

Network Connectivity

There is a need to check the supported network connectivity. For Wi-Fi, it should support 802.11ac to ensure you enjoy smooth video playback. If you like streaming content online, the last thing you will want to experience is movie buffering. Moreover, you should choose a network adapter and dual-band router. If you have Gigabit Ethernet, then you should not be concern about the interface or signal. You can be sure of high-speed consistent internet connection.


When buying your Android TV box, you need to consider all the above features. When you get the right smart TV box, you can enjoy high-performance video streaming. In addition, customer support is quite important as you might need assistance with installation and upgrades. When it comes to buying the best smart TV box, frugality has no room. That is because you might end up missing important features.


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