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IN THE MIDWESTERN United States, Missouri is the 19th state in terms of size of all the states. Its name is derived from a Native American word for “town of large canoes.” Missouri covers an area of 69,686 square mi (180,487 square km). A landlocked STATE, inland waters cover an area of 691 square mi (1,790 square km).
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Mississippi River

MARK TWAIN begins the novel Life on the Mississippi by writing “The Mississippi is well worth reading about. It is not a commonplace river, but on the contrary is in all ways remarkable.” No better words can be used to summarize of one of the world’s largest, and North America’s greatest, river.
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KNOWN AS THE Magnolia State, Mississippi is bordered on the north by Tennessee, on the south by Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico, on the east by Alabama, and on the west by lOUISIANA and Arkansas. The Mississippi River, which flows along most of the western boundary of the state, is the origin of the state’s name.
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WITH THE EXCEPTION of Alaska, Minnesota is the northernmost U.S. state, on account of the notch in its northern border, where Lake of the Woods abuts Canada. Long known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” the state is also known for its progressive society, common Scandinavian heritage, sturdy agriculture, advanced technology, and outdoor tourism.
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MINDANAO, THE SECOND-largest island (36,537 square mi or 94,630 square km) in the Republic of the Philippines, is one of the three groups of over 7,100 islands in the country, the other two being Luzon and Visayas. The Mindanao group to the south consists of some 400 islands.
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Military geography

FROM EARLIEST HISTORICAL writings, the nature of warfare is shown to be a struggle for positional advantage at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. Xenophon writing of the fate of the 10,000 Greeks fighting in Persia in the 4th century B.C.E., tells of the constant consideration commanders gave to all aspects of the terrain and the disposition of resources as they fought their way homeward.
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MIGRATION IS referred to as “any residential movement which occurs between administrative units over a given period of time,” according to geographers Paul White and Robert Woods (1980). Other scholars have defined migration as the change in the center of gravity of an individual’s mobility pattern.
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Middle East

THE TERM Middle East came to modern use after World War II, and was applied to the lands around the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea including Turkey and Greece, together with Iran and, more recently, the greater part of North Africa. The old Middle East began at the river valleys of the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers or at the western borders of Iran and extended to Burma (Myanmar) and Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
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Mid-Atlantic Ridge

A MID-OCEAN RIDGE is a system of rifts and parallel mountain ranges or hills found in all major oceans. It is thought to be the site of upwelling new ocean floor material from Earth’s mantle, from which ocean floors are gradually spreading out laterally. The Atlantic ridge is the most striking bottom relief feature of the Atlantic Ocean.
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MICRONESIA CONSISTS of four Pacific island groups located between the Marianas and Marshall Islands, 1,000 mi (1,600 km) north of Papua New Guinea and some 3,000 mi (4,500 km) west of Hawaii. Although they cover an expanse of ocean larger than Western Europe, the total land mass of the 607 islands in the four groups is approximately that of a mediumsize city.