The child’s age and the current degree of physical development will determine the kind of bike optimal for them. We exclusively propose ride-on toys and balance bikes as sorts of bicycles for toddlers. Ride-on toys are the first type. Balance bikes are the second type. Before a child is 18 months old or on the verge of becoming two years old, ride-on toys are the ideal option for them since they do not yet have the motor skills necessary to ride a balancing bike. Tricycles and bicycles with training wheels are not appropriate bicycles for children, despite their endearing appearance. Both choices teach children to rely on their parents for assistance, and they are often highly challenging to navigate. Both of these alternatives are also challenging for adults. In most cases, they slow down a child’s development when learning how to ride a real bike.

3 Different Types Of Toddler Bikes

Many imagine the baby cycle, while others consider it a sit-on toy. Before we get into the best toddler bikes’ specifics, let’s first define the three distinct possibilities and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each one.

1. Ride-On Toys

They are bikes that keep things basic and help children prepare for the next stage, which is riding a balancing bike. Because of this, we often refer to them as “pre-balance” bikes. We also take into consideration crucial elements such as the range of seat height, steering abilities, and stability. The size of the bike is quite important, but not all manufacturers supply dimensions for the seat height. We made the purchase and took care of it for you, so there won’t be any heartbreaking moments when an excited child opens a beautiful new bike only to find that it doesn’t fit.

These ride-on toys are intended to be mainly used indoors rather than outside. They can be used outdoors, although it is more probable that they may topple over on a surface that is not smooth, and the wheels will wear out more rapidly if used outside. When riding a bike outdoors, always be sure to wear a helmet.

2. Balance Bikes

If your child is anywhere from 18 months old to about to become two years old, they could be ready for a balancing bike. Balance bikes start instilling the skill of balance on two wheels in children at a very early age, which spares them the hassle of using training wheels later on.

Once mastered, they provide a riding experience that is both the most natural and enjoyable of any baby bike. When you give your kid a balancing motorcycle, mainly if they are under two years old, you need to be sure that you have reasonable expectations for what they can do with it. Because children who ride balance bikes travel freely, it does take more time to “learn” a balance bike.

3. Tricycles And Bicycles Equipped With Training Wheels

Even though tricycles and training wheels are still more frequent than balancing bikes, we DO NOT RECOMMEND opting for this alternative. We used them as children, so our parents are already acquainted with them. We strongly recommend that you avoid using tricycles or training wheels and instead go into the exciting (and superior) new world of balancing bikes instead. Check out our infographic that compares balance bikes, tricycles, and training wheels to learn more about why we think balance bikes are superior.


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