Are you fed up with the hassle of conventional deadbolt locks that call for a key or code to open? It sounds like you need a biometric padlock. A smart padlock takes the tried-and-true deadbolt lock and upgrades it with features like random PIN creation, Bluetooth connectivity, and even app-based control.

Smart Biometric Padlock Mypin

For several reasons, the My pin Smart biometric Padlock is our top pick for locks. First and foremost, it has everything we’d want to find on a padlock costing twice as much. It has an IP65-rated body for water resistance and a rust-proof shackle, a fingerprint sensor that can store up to 10 different fingerprints, Bluetooth connectivity for remote unlocking with a mobile device, and a battery that can last for up to a year.

Padlock With A Bored Fingerprint

The Bored Fingerprint Padlock, at just a hair over half an inch in depth, is an excellent choice for individuals needing a thin smart lock for their baggage. Two administrator fingerprints and up to eight regular fingerprints may be stored in this smart padlock’s memory. The Bored Fingerprint Padlock may be unlocked without a smartphone app, a key, or Bluetooth.

This Smart Lock From Igloohome Is A Must-Have

Igloohome’s tiny and flexible smart padlock can secure anything from a toolbox or locker to a fence or bike. The administrator of an Igloohome account may use the app’s companion website or mobile app to generate unique PIN codes using the company’s patented AlgoPIN technology.

Secure Your Stuff With The Linksmart Digital Padlock

For maximum safety, use the eLinkSmart Digital Padlock. The companion app allows you to remotely authorize unlimited users and monitor an audit log of all activations. The maximum number of users that may be stored in the app is 18, plus two administrators. It is made of forged aluminum and has a stainless steel shackle, so it’s eLinkSmart Digital Padlock can withstand the elements in any setting. Due to its IP65 certification, it is protected from dust and water. The six months of standby time and 2,000 unlocks mean it should be able to last the long haul.

Box With A Master Lock

When you go on a house tour, do you ever notice a lockbox on the door? After cracking up the package, your realtor discovers a key. Similar in concept is this offering from Master Lock, which has an inside hollow suitable for storing keys, key cards, or even little mementos. This weatherproof lockbox may be used either inside or outdoors and can be opened using Bluetooth and a mobile device. The Master Lock Lock Box also has an electronic keypad as a secondary entry method. The fact that the internal key may be accessed by opening the lock makes it an excellent choice for Airbnb hosts.

Lock For Shipping Packages By Boxlock

The BoxLock is designed to lock onto porch boxes and other containers used for package delivery. Sharing access codes with loved ones is a nice feature, but its true strength lies in its ability to monitor deliveries made by companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Package delivery alerts may be sent directly to your phone, so you’ll always know when something has arrived at your door, even if you’re not there. The lock can withstand the elements and has a battery that must only be recharged every 45 to 90 days, depending on how often you use it.


We’ve compiled some of the finest padlocks for protecting your smart home in case you’re in the market for an update. Look through our tips, investigate the advanced functions, and decide what’s best for you. If you’re also looking for a smart lock for your front door, you can find some of the best options on our recommended products list.


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