The main function of a window regulator is to lower and raise the window of a car. It transforms the motor’s rotary motion into linear motion. It helps in closing and opening the car window as per requirement. Following are the main purposes and what does a window regulator do:

  • It keeps intruders away and thus helps secure the vehicle’s interior.
  • During an emergency, you can exist safely by lowering the window’s glass.
  • It protects the interior of the car from harsh weather conditions.
  • During extreme weather conditions, it provides comfort by closing the window in cold conditions and opening it in hot conditions.

Factors that must be considered while choosing a window regulator

The followings are the main factors you must consider while choosing a window regulator.

Brand of window regulator:

The brand is among the most common factors determining the window regulator’s quality. Different brands have varying types of window regulators. They vary greatly in quality. You must choose a brand that provides high-quality window regulators. Only such types of regulators will show excellent and long-lasting performance.

Mechanism type:

Before choosing the window regulator, you must know the mechanism type you require for your vehicle. Here are the main mechanism types of window regulators.

Power windows:

They require pressing to close and open windows and are the most convenient mechanism. Its common parts are connectors, wires, fuse, and motors.

Manual window regulators:

Their installation and maintenance are easy but could be more user-friendly. This mechanism works by rotating a crank.

Choose any of the mechanisms mentioned above that you find suitable for your use and car.

Aftermarket or OEM:

Aftermarket options provide the perfect choices for the mechanisms of the window regulators. They are found at cost-effective prices. You can also find them as universal versions. It is a great option for classic cars.

In contrast, the OEM options are manufactured to fit only specific types of cars perfectly. They are only considered ideal in some conditions. They possess a limited feature that shows high quality compared to the aftermarket versions. Moreover, they are also expensive and are available at a much higher cost.

If your budget is not affected by the high cost, then you should choose OEM because of its guaranteed value. While if you are looking for flexibility and cost-effective features, you must go for the aftermarket.


Compatibility is an essential consideration when choosing a window regulator. The mechanism of the window regulators is designed, so they become suitable for a specific type of car or other vehicles. If you purchase a window regulator online, you will observe the specific ways the suppliers and manufacturers offer. All you need to do is putting the exact information, and you will find a number of that specific parts. The online suppliers and manufacturers will offer you a vast range of information to easily find the right type of window regulator for your car.

But, if you are finding a window regulator in the market, you should know the specific details and the capability of the window regulator for your car.


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